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As mentioned, I am a wife, mom of three, sister, daughter, and granddaughter among a long list of other doting titles. I am a young, educated, BLACK woman who thrives on encouraging others and finding ways to help people overcome experiences that are like my own. I enjoy talking about all things over my favorite beverage, coffee. Any time I pose the question “Coffee?” those closest to me know a conversational delight is sure to follow.

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina. My family and I relocated to Raleigh in November 2020 and it is proving to be one of the best decisions, ever. The entire move has been a faith move (read my blog post for more information about it). 

On my social platforms, you will most often find me talking about my family and my faith. I do also incorporate posts about things that I have grown a passion for thorough direct experiences. Those topics include credit repair, home buying, navigating life as a single mom and maintaining a healthy work life balance while not losing your own identity.

I hope you find my blog posts to be useful and encouraging. Should you ever want to see a certain topic explored, please feel free to contact me and let’s discuss.



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