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A Death that hits different!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Sunday.... my normal routine of getting my family ready for church, receiving a great word of God, and heading home to finish Sunday dinner that’ll we eat as a family suddenly changed.

Changed how?! I signed on Instagram while I was switching to my lounging clothes and saw my cousins Instagram story. I couldn’t believe what I saw, so while my Husband is parking the car I texted him. No reply, and as he comes in, I ask him in a shocking tone. He said, “I just heard too, it can’t be so.” In agreeance with him, I then FaceTime my brother, and he said I think it’s a hoax. I finally go to CNN and Sports Center and there it was, very true that Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash.


It’s Tuesday Morning, so two days later and I find myself still thinking about this. Seriously, I didn’t think I’ll be effected by this tragic incident because I’m not a huge Basketball fan. I respected Kobe, but didn‘t care for the game as much as I care for other sports. I assumed it’ll be how I felt about other celebrities passing; being surprised and keep it moving. I can’t keep it moving. I can’t, it hurts my soul to know his Wife—Vanessa— not Only lost her husband of 18/19 years but their middle child GiGi who was 13 years old. As a Mother and Wife my heart is crying badly. I said to my husband this death has individuals making sure they love on their family members differently. I didn’t understand why at first. But since it’s happening to me (having me think deeply), I can totally understand. I GET IT! I can’t sleep, I think of his wife, his kids. I even think about the Coach that was onboard with his wife and daughter. How now he has two more kids at home, with no parents now!! I told myself, I don’t know what I’ll do if I recieved a call that my spouse or children were seriously injured or had passed. I try to prep myself, but truth be told, you WILL NEVER be ready.

As a mother, let’s pray for all the victims in the crash that lost their lives. Let’s pray that Vanessa has strength to get through this year and the following years to come. As a mother, let’s hug our children daily, let’s pray for them as they walk out the door. Let’s tell our kiddos we love them!

As a wife, let’s appreciate our husbands more. Let’s pray for their safety as well when they walk out the door. Let’s tell them we love them!

During this tragic time, I am remembered of the scripture (paraphrasing) ‘we will never know the day or the hour’ of our time here on earth. So I agree, let’s love on our love ones more while their here.


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