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Affordable Valentines Date & Gift Ideas For Your Spouse & Kids.

This week marks the week of love or extra love in the United States. In this post, I will share what our household typically does for Valentines Day. I will also share some affordable gift and dinner ideas.

As I walk through Target I noticed the Valentine Decorations, Cards, and Candy for sale. My mind was not focused on Valentine, instead, it’s still focused on getting my Black History Culture attire for my family and our son's 2nd birthday on the 13th. Usually, our oldest will keep me updated about V-Day by mentioning the cards she has to buy for her classroom. But I guess it’s not a popular thing in 6th grade?! So thanks Target for reminding me.

If you know me, you know I love coupons, sales, deals, and ultimately being frugal. I rather spend money on vacations 🤪. Anywho... In my household, I do things for my husband and our children. I typically get cards for everyone and become creative for the gifts. The gifts are either homemade or putting a bunch of things on together that was purchased.

One thing I’ve created for my husband was a “basket” with his favorite things in it. These are mostly $1 candy items and one “Big” item like a gift card to GameStop or a clothing store. It’s all about listening to him and I’ll typically put that in the basket. Same for our kiddos...

I create a V-Day basket typically for the kids. Like I do for my husband I'll use $1 items of our kid's favorite things and put one good item in there. A good kid item such as a gift card (a Toy Store, McDonald's, Culvers, Clothing Store, iTunes, a movie, a puzzle, pop socket, or a book, etc.

Some Ideas to enjoy V-Day with your spouse/mate:

  1. Candlelit dinner. You can cook your spouse/mate's favorite meal. You can order take out and bring it home. To set up for this, go to Dollar Tree and purchase a candle holder or two with candles. Dim or turn off your kitchen/living room lights and enjoy one another company.

  2. Netflix, Redbox, or Kodi for a movie. Enjoy homemade popcorn, theater snacks, and cuddle with your spouse/mate and watch a movie together.


If your thinking Sis that’s dope and all but we’re limited on funds or I don't want to spend money, then no worries- I have ideas for that too.

Affordable or no-cost ideas for anyone (Spouse, mate, child, parent, friends, etc):

  1. Get your cards from Dollar Tree. Yes, they have really nice cards. Honest moment: I purchase all of my cards from Dollar Tree.

  2. Create a card. You can use online resources such as Canva or take it back to Art Class and use construction or card stock paper. This is where you'll put your decorating skills to work. This is nice because it’s specifically made for that person. You can customize it!!

  3. Create loving heart messages: Use construction paper and cut out heart shapes. I did this twice in the past for Kennedi. This is best if started at the beginning of the month until V-Day. Each day I used a different color heart, wrote her a message and stuck them on her room door. She kept a few that she loved and put them on her wall.

Cut out hearts posted on bedroom wall for V-Day
Personalized V-Day messages to Kids

There are a few chain places that are giving “free” food or deals for V-Day. Here are some of the places:

  1. Qdoba: This is a buy one, get one deal. You must kiss a loved one. They will accept you kissing a photo on your phone, a celebrity crush picture, and even a picture of your pet.

  2. Chili's: They are offering a V-Day dinner for two for $25. (That's $12.50 each, not badddd). You'll get a starter, two full-sized entrees, and a dessert.

  3. Olive Garden: This is for take-out only (Great for my point above for a candlelit dinner). For $35, you'll get a dinner for two. It'll include soup or salad, breadsticks, and a shareable entree with a dessert to share.

  4. Marcus Theaters: Dinner for 2 for $46.99. You'll get one starter, two main entrees, one dessert, and two fountain drinks. (This offer is good until Feb 20th, so hello $5 movie night and dinner for 2 lol)

With these options listed, how will you spend your V-day? Did you purchase cards for your child's classrooms? **Side Note: I buy these out of season, so when they go on sale for 75% off. I save them and use them for next year.**

I'll love to hear from you and if you tried anything I listed. Even if you participated in the chain "free/discounted" items. Let a sis know in the comments.

Happy Love Day


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