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Did You Choose Your Child’s High School Yet?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

To my 8th grade parents, did you pick out your sons or daughters High School? Actually, are you picking the school or are you allowing them to choose it? In our home, we're giving our daughter choices. In Raleigh, North Carolina, we can't choose any school our child goes to. Instead, our children must attend their "base" school they're zoned for unless they go to a Charter or Private School. Parents, do you know how frustrating that is? This is totally different from Wisconsin.

At the time of writing this, it was currently November and our 8th grader has completed a school tour, and in December, completed her first High School Placement test. We were so excited for her, but instantly she reminded me of how I felt at her age having to wake up at 7 AM on a Saturday for a 3 hour test lol. This blog post is dedicated for those parents whose either lost on what to do during this time or for those parents who already completed the steps and looking for another parents experience. This is THEE Post!

Okay so if you haven't done so already, please check with your school district to see if there's an application process. If so, apply like yesterday, especially if it's already opened. I know the applications can "close", you don't want this to happen or else your child will be going to a school you really don't/didn't care for. In North Carolina, there's a process we must follow. They have certain times you can apply for certain schools (i.e: Charter Schools, Gifted/Talented Schools, and submit transfers as well). I'm happy I started looking into this in September or else I'll be so upset at myself.

You want to make sure you apply during those windows or you'll instantly be placed on a wait list or in a lottery system. A lottery system is when a seat opens up and they will put your child name in a "lottery" and pull it from there. A waitlist is simple: They will place your child on the list exactly the time they applied. Kennedi is on a waitlist for one of the schools, because I applied the second week and she's # 104

When I received that email letting me know where she's at on the list, I literally shook my head. There's hope somewhere! lol.

Once you applied to the schools of your choice, it's the waiting game. Where we're at now in our household. We're waiting to hear from 3 more schools to see if she's been accepted. It's currently February 28th and nothing yet. I heard March is typically when they'll let us know their decisions.

Anyway, I'm excited as her mom, but I know if she's accepted to all the schools it's going to be hard for her to choose one. As I've mentioned earlier, we're actually allowing her pick the school she want to go to. Why?! Because High School is a major thing for teenagers. I remember my mom picked my school and I didn't care for it the first year. Of course, it was a great choice, but I still would have loved to go to my choice of school(s). The list she's choosing from are schools we actually approved though. There's no random schools on the list lol.

So parents don't forget to do these things:

Public School Options:

  • Search your Counties School Enrollment rules. If you're in North Carolina, click the button below.

  • If you have to apply to your "Base/Zone" School do so NOW (Public School).

  • Upload the following items:' Birth Certificate, Proof of Address, and Physical. There maybe more items, but those are the major ones.

  • Complete the application in it's entirety and press "submit".

Private School Options:

  • If you're looking at a Private Institution, you will follow their rules and more than likely must complete a Tour, Placement Test, and Interview.

Charter School Options:

  • If you're looking at a Charter School, you will apply directly with that school and maybe on a waitlist.

  • Charter Schools typically need everything a Public Schools need for enrollment.

I hope this blog encouraged you to apply to schools, and good luck to all the ladies and gentlemen that are waiting on school options.



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