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How To Maintain Mommihood While Working Full Time!

Hey y’all hey, It’s been a while... and if you haven’t noticed, I’m on a social media fast. Sorry for the super late post but, God has been doing wonders in my life 🥰

This post is MUCH needed! Most of my followers are mothers, I’ll say 80% and the other 20% are either males or ladies who’ll want kids of their own someday. As you know I birthed my third child 7 months ago and I’ve been blessed to be home with her WHILE working full time. Granted, it’s due to the world's largest event—Coronavirus.

I initially returned to work Tuesday, March 10th and baby girl was almost 4 months young. I dreaded the day leaving her side; not to mention, pumping milk 3 times a day all over again, ah no! All I could think was, I literally just finished this a year ago and here I go again, having to do it one more time for baby girl. I always prayed that I’ll be home with my kids, especially while they're young. So Friday, March 13th happened! They started shutting the cities downnn. I immediately had to start working remotely and currently, I'm still doing so. Since I’m in Education, were unsure how the reopening of Fall will be. But this sis is not complaining AT ALL.

The virus has helped us save so much money on childcare. We have a two-year-old as well and an 11-year-old! However, working full time, nursing, assisting with our preteen homework, and being a child care provider lol, is WORKKKK!!!

Currently, I just started pumping once a day. At first, I was so busy I didn’t pump! However, it’s needed to allow myself breaks and rests. As far as work goes, I have meetings throughout the day. The majority of the time, my kids are at the meetings with me. Why?! ‘Cause my husband has to report to work daily from 8 to 8. Yes, 12 Hours and off two days in the week. Y’all, it’s tough lol.

If you're wondering how I could do this, here are 5 ways I work remotely and maintain mommihood...

  1. Wake Up Early: Waking up early before everyone else gives you enough time to prep for the day and not to mention... time to yourself. I watch the news, make oatmeal, and start my coffee.

  2. Set a schedule: Yes, working remotely is still your job. When our oldest daughter was taking classes online, I cross-checked her class schedule and blocked off time on my work calendar to ensure I had time to assist my kiddos.

  3. Plan meals: Planning your lunch and dinner in advance helps a lot. Continue using the crockpot if you were. Also if you have little helpers around, allow them to cook with you. This way you can start dinner early morning and have more work time during the day, all while spending time with your kiddos.

  4. Create a meeting space: If you’re like me, my home did not come with an “office”. After a week of working remotely, I quickly decided to turn a room into an office space. I took a spot in my room, cleared it out, and put a desk in there with a nice painting in the background. Also, make sure the room you decide to use has a lock on the door. That way you can lock out little ones for important meetings (lbvs).

  5. Self-reflection time: Basically bedtime for kids. I can't stress this enough to continue this. At first, I let my kids stay up cause I was home. However, moms need time to themselves. You need time to recap, to think, close your eyes, etc. Why?! Because working from home doesn’t allow you to close your eyes. If you do not have help with your kiddos, your up for 14 hours. So yes sis, get you some me-time DAILY.

Now that you have the 5 major steps I take to maintain mommihood and working remotely/ working from home, I hope you can decide if this is for you. I hope this could help you if this was thrown at you due to COVID. It will get tough some days but I absolutely love it. I save so much money and I love being with my kids. Especially while they are so young and watching them grow.

I wish you all the best of luck in your jobs and in your career search.

Leave a comment, I’ll love to hear how you maintain it or have maintained it.



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