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How to Tablescape using Dollar Tree Products

Happy Happy Fall y’all!!! Time is ticking, can you believe we’re two months away from…. my birthday lol. I can’t believe in three months we’ll be welcoming a new year! Well, God is amazing!!

fall decor tablescape

If you’re here it’s because you like affordable products/items or you’re checking out my DIY tablescape; either way, let’s dive in. The dining room was already prepared with the dining table, placemats, charger plates, table runner, plate set, and rocks. These will remain the same until Christmas, when I’ll put my "Christmas china" out lol.

Our dining room table and setting are neutral colors. That way we can easily focus on the décor when it's time. I try to decorate and complete a tablescape every season or Holiday. Doing so, it just helps my mood. I also believe setting a table, makes ones house look really good. My style is simple, I love a good simplicity look honeyyyyy.

With this particular fall set, my oldest daughter and I drove to Dollar Tree and grabbed the floral, the vases, and the napkins. And that's it! Kennedi picked out 5 "bundles" of floral that she liked, I picked out two sets of napkins (20 count each), and two vases. We spent $9.00 DATS it!

Fall Napkins

Honestly, I think our table came along really really well. Here's a link to some of the items we bought from Dollar Tree:

fall tablescape ideas

Wondering where I ordered the rest of the year round items?! Here ya go:

Additional things you can add to your fall tablescape would include candles and wine glasses.

I hope this was a good read and happy fall decorating y'all!

If you tablescape, where do you get your items and how do you set you style your table?

fall flowers in dining room



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