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How To Talk To Your Spouse About A Mom or Dad Getaway

So last week I went on my annual “Girls Trip”. Since 2016 my best friend and I decided to travel to a new location each year; just us- no kids, no spouse, no nothing! (Okkurrr....) In the past we’ve taken sporicidal trips with kids, but this time we decided to dedicate time for US (just us).

My main reason for this post is to discuss if you’re married or in a serious relationship, how do you handle taking trips away from the family. In our home we talk about it, plus my husband already knows about it since it's annually. Don't get me wrong, it wasn’t always like that! I always felt so uncomfortable bringing up the reminder or topic of a Girls Trip. Why?! I don’t know...Naturally it's the emotions I go through of leaving him with the kids and worrying if things would be okay. It’s a feeling of if he [my spouse] is going to be upset I take this vacation, all that jazz. My husband is a great father and caregiver, he watches the kids all the time, As a mom, I naturally just think about all of these things, who doesn't?!

The reminder time came around to bring the trip to my husbands attention, and I instantly had a weird feeling. That’s when I knew I had to address this feeling with my husband. Mark (my Husband), like many of you, was surprised to know I felt like this and went on to ask why. I told him my feelings I shared earlier with you all, then it went into another category. The “Asking” for permission to go somewhere. Well we don’t ask!! I don’t say babe, can I go… it’s all about how you we use our words. Instead of “asking” for “permission”, I bring it to his attention by inquiring if he had plans or made plans for us, because we’re planning our girls trip. From there Mark and I start the planning process. The planning process includes looking at our schedules, securing a sitter if needed, etc.

It's a communication thang y'all.

Don’t mess up your wonderful marriage or relationship due to how we interpret a word or even communicate. There’s ways to improve or work around the communication thing. Remember to always do what’s best for you and your relationship too.

Now Why A Girls/ Guys Trip.....

Because it's important. I discuss this with my best friend all the time, Mark and I love each other so much, but we need our space. You need space to have fun with your friends. The getaway doesn’t have to be long at all; my girls trip is typically 3-4 days long. It also helps with you as a parent getting away from them kids. YES we need a break from kids. I don’t care how much you love kids, ‘cause baby I love them, but having a mental break from them is the main key here and it HELPS.

In summary, take your Girls or Guys trip and ENJOY IT. Take the trip annually too, you’ll love it. The benefits of it will improve your mood as a parent, spouse, and the love making will be the best 😜 when you return. And boom, you’ll be at peace all around.

So book that ticket and take that trip!



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