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My Experience with Edge Naturale Hair Products

Yep, it’s a review this week. If you follow me on Instagram you knew exactly what was coming and maybe that’s the reason you visited. Either way, thanks for clicking and this is an honest review you must read. Especially for my natural sistas!!!

I was gifted with this enhancer in exchange for an honest review. Here it is... The package arrived in a small container and fast via USPS mail! Immediately opening the package, I came upon the 2 oz container. Once opened, the smell was EVERYTHING, it’s a mint scent. The consistency of the product is very smooth, feels like cool whip. The product is made up of a lot natural oils such as Argan Oil, Avacado Oil, and Johoba Oil.

Now using it, I used it a couple of times, for a week exactly; I wanted to leave a review before the month is over. So I started using the product because I have bad postpartum hair loss around my edges. I thought it’ll be great to try this with my protective styles while eliminating the hair gel. You’ll see pictures with a fresh install of the edge enhancer and the last picture will be with me having the product in for 6 hours (The results).

Install of Enhancer

It laid my edges down great, but please beware that it’ll go on white and you’ll have to rub it in. After the 6 hours, some of my edges were still laid down but started to frizz up.

As far as growth, again I’ll like to continue the product for a month to see if I had any growth in my weaken areas on my edges.

Overall, I would recommend the product since it’s not heavy like hair gel, smells good, and actually lay my hair down. Come back in a month to see if it supports hair growth.

If you’re interested in purchasing this, visit their website at . Occasionally they offer discounts too!! Check out their

Instagram edgenaturale.

Fresh install of enhancer

If you decide to go with this product please let me know your thoughts.

After 6 hours of wearing the product

Inside the Container. Fluffy enhancer



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