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Top 4 Places To Visit On Each Coast During Spring Break

You guys, is it really that time of the year ALREADY? I mean 2021 just started like 3 months ago! Where did the time go? I'm sitting here shocked knowing I'm typing up my ideas for Spring / Easter Break. Parents are Spring break plans being discussed or is the hot topic in your home right now? Guess what?! You’re not alone, it’s happening here too in #TheHinds household.


Each year our oldest typically enjoys this time with her auntie in Georgia; while I take the time to enjoy a break myself. Now that our family has extended over the last two years, we’re taking more family trips and spending much-needed time together. It’s hard to tell our 12-year-old she not going to Georgia, and it’s hard for me to know I’m no longer getting a break if I could be so honest! I think it's safe to say I took the time without children for granted! New moms, take it from me, enjoy the break use it without feeling guilty.

Since mask mandates are beginning to be lifted in some states and the COVID vaccines are being distributed, we can somewhat safely travel.

To get started, let's start with the planning phase (The fun part lol). If you came across my blog, you are clearly planning time to getaway. Rather it's a quick destination, staycation, or international destination, you came to the right place.

For the first time ever, our family is traveling semi-locally for Spring Break. We’re typically home for Easter; but since we relocated, we’re making our own traditions and I LOVE every part of it. Since we’re on the southeast coast AKA coastal region, we’ll be driving to a nearby beach. We’re members of Bluegreen Timeshare and will definitely put that to use. Booking a trip now is crucial to ensure there's availability and we're not using a lot of points. (Another conversation on Timeshares).

Can you guess where our final destination is? Here's a hint:

  • This trip will cost no more than $300.00 for a family of 5 for three nights.

  • We are driving!

  • You can hear big waves and the sun will be out.

  • It sits along a 60 miles stretch of coastline known as The Grand Strand.

Our destination is Myrtle Beach!

This location is perfect for two reasons: Shopping nearby and a beach where kids love to play in the water. Below I will share resources directing you to travel bloggers that provide more details on destinations.

First up is the West Coast. If you're residing on the West Coast or planning to visit this coast, you have states like Washington, Oregon, and California. You can always visit Los Angeles or Disneyland. If you have a busy toddler I would recommend Legoland as they have rides and plenty to keep your 3-4 year old busy. You can always visit beaches with kids here too. Carlsbad State Beach aka Tamarack Surf Beach is a popular beach in San Diego, CA. I read there's also a Dog Beach in San Diego named Dog Beach of Ocean Beach. You can have your dog leash-free. As a family with a dog, we would love to visit here when we're on the West Coast. Side Note: I'm shocked my brother didn't mention this to me as he had a dog and lives in San Diego.

Interested in more places to visit on the West Coast use this resource.

On the East Coast, you have New York, Washington D.C, Virginia, then you have the mountains, and the beaches to visit. Of course, you have the White House, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, New York City, and Virginia Beach to name a few places. Some places may be temporarily closed due to COVID, but as always call before going to verify their hours.

Use this resource to determine a place to visit. If you live in the Midwest or planning to visit the area soon, you can definitely look at Wisconsin Dells and Mall Of America. These two places are great for infants through teenagers. When we lived in the Midwest, we visited those two places often. Lake Geneva is a great place to visit as well! If you're in Missouri, my mom raves about Branson, Missouri. They have everything from horseback riding to canoeing.

Use this resource to decide on a place to visit in the Midwest.

Then we have the South. Of course, if you’re visiting the South with children you must go to Flordia right?!? Florida has Disney World, Universal Studios, the NBA Experience, beaches, and water parks. Another popular place to travel with families is Chattanooga, Tennessee. Every time we drove to Georgia I saw Rock City Parks and wanted to go there. It's a popular spot!

To find more spots to visit use this resource here.

As we know, majority of folks will be traveling due to our year of living during and in a pandemic. We’re thirsty to be outside, traveling, seeing family, and back to enjoying life. I would definitely recommend booking hotels/resorts now and purchasing your flights if traveling by airplane.

As always please check the COVID restrictions while traveling to make sure all amenities are open for you to enjoy. Have extra masks and don’t forget your Clorox wipes.

Enjoy your Easter & Spring Break! Xoxo,


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