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You’re A Good Mother... An Open Letter To Moms!

Dear Mommas,

How are you?! No, for real, how are you? I know with classes resuming and an entire pandemic still going on, you may be loosing it! But, HOLD ON...

Momma, you are doing a darn good job!!! Must I remind you, you birth a child or even children. You may have carried multiple children at once. You DID THAT! You have little humans that look up to you. Even though you’re tired and have not had the nap you wanted or the breaks you deserved, you still have some beautiful babies that consider you a super woman.

Know you are loved. Know that your spouse see everything you do. I admire all the work and talent you do as a mother. Trust me, I understand... You wake up early to attempt me time and put the kids to bed early for more me time, but it didn’t work today. That’s okay! You got this...

I think it’s great you are making sure your house is maintained and your children are well behaved! It’s all because of YOU and what YOU do for them. Momma, I know the babies don’t understand the sacrifice we take to make sure they are taken care of. I know the preteens don’t think we get it. LOL! Even though we say “been there, done that”. I truly know your feelings right now.


Let me be the umpteenth person to tell you, that’s all natural. You have the RIGHT to feel how you feel.

Oh and momma... If you’re nursing, keep up the good work. Rather it’s attempting a latch or pumping one ounce of milk. Not all mommas can say they did that, but you did. You’re bless to nurture your child from birth to present. And mommas with formula; getting up making bottles in the middle of the night is NOT THE EASIEST. Keep pressing through!!!

The list doesn’t stop, but in summary... From kids walking into YOUR potty time, demanding everything, and you still managing your life and possibly a spouse.

Just remember You‘re a GOOD MOTHER AND YOU ARE LOVED! Everything you do is not in vain and it’s not going unoticed.

From one momma to another,

xoxo, Jessika

P.S. Now back to the regular scheduled program lol our little humans.

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