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Them Coaches Kids.

This post is dedicated to parents who has children that play sports. It doesn't matter which sport, just a sport in general.

Can you believe it, our child sports season has already come to an end. Super fast, yes I know!!! If I could be honest, I'm kinda glad it has. Simply due to some unfairness that my 6th grader has endured during her winter sports season.

Youth Volleyball goofy
KK Goofy during VBall Game

I remember the day(s) our daughter came home informing us she signed up for sports. My first reaction was "oh okay, how was the rest of your day?" As she continued to speak, she kept mentioning sports. So I asked, 'which sport?' And then I heard...VOLLEYBALL... Me excited, as I played Volleyball for a short period in high school, I proceeded to ask her was she ready and the reason why she wanted to play this specific sport. Our very smart 6th grader, immediately replied 'Yes, ma!' As I was listening I was thinking, when did my daughter play volleyball, and I couldn't remember. So I asked her, she said, 'I haven't, I only played for fun.'

In my mind, I knew this was going to be a "just for fun" phase she's going through! No matter what the knowledge level was for any sport, my husband and I knew we'll support her in any way. How bad could it be right?!, she's ending her elementary year and want to play sports. (Sounds Simple).

Her volleyball season went well this year. As she played in 5th grade and improved tremendously during her 6th-grade year. The volleyball season was great and came to an end rather quickly.



A couple of weeks later, we're hit with the same news.. Mom and Dad I signed up for... BASKETBALL. 'What?!? Are you serious?' were the thoughts that went through my head. Opposite of me, my husband laughs and says 'okay cool.' He's totally fine with it as she started with an AU team over the summer to work on her basketball skills and so forth. Now, me personally don't know rules about the game of basketball, I just watched it.

AU Team basketball
AU Team

Fast forward to the season starting at her school in November. I'm very excited to see baby girl play. However... It happens

Them Coaches Kids.

Man oh, man. I never experienced anything like this in my life. So our daughter was not the best player, but she totally deserved more than 3 minutes of playing time. I mean one time I yelled, "2 Minutes REALLY". I couldn't resist or hold it in. With the commute time to the games and not being fair, in my opinion, it is very rude.

We attend all our daughter games and never miss them, as I believe it's important to be involved in your kid's extra curriculum activities, game time or not; being there is needed. Anyways, by game 2 (yes, basically the next game, LOL), I noticed two girls ALWAYS had the ball and the other players were not allowed to believe in themselves/ build confidence to take shots. Instead, they were told to give the ball to the point guard. Which was not a good player herself. PERIODTTTT. I learned later on that the two players who never sat out were the Coaches Kids.

I was baffled with all the mistakes being made and yet no time out was given, nor substitutions! I found myself getting an attitude towards these 10 and 11-year-old kids. (Lord forgive me) My attitude steamed off the lack of coaching and decisions made by the coaches.

During the school basketball season, us parents had to accept that the coaches kids will receive all the playtime. No matter what, right or wrong, they still played. I found myself not being able to hold in my comments, my husband had to remind me to just be nice.



What I learned to do:

  • Continue to cheer for the entire team.

  • Watch what I say in front of others (you don't know who the spouse is of the coach or who the parents are of other players, etc).

Here are my questions:

  • Do all coaches does this?

  • Why isn't there a rule regarding coaching your own kiddos?

  • Have you experienced this?

  • How will you handle this situation? Especially if you have a student at a Division 1 High School and scouts were there.

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