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A Guide To Christmas Gifts For Everyone in The Family

It's the most wonderful time of the year right?! I absolutely love the Holidays and my top two holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just having your family around, enjoying great conversations, catching up, playing games, singing karaoke, and seeing your kids light up is a great feeling. If you're reading this blog, you either started Christmas Shopping and need more ideas or you did not start at all and simply need help. Well, I'm here to assist you. Every idea I share here on is my personal preference for gifts.

If you're new here, welcome to What I'll be sharing will tie into my own household needs and preference. I have two toddlers (3 and 2 years old), 1 teenager that's 13, and my husband. Of course I'll include gift guides for grandparents as well.

To dive in I'll start with the babies--our toddlers. At the younger age, they don't need much at all. Just a few toys that they'll enjoy for a year and you're good to go. (This is the easy age to shop for lol).

Toddler Toys

Some hot toys that I liked for the babies are:

  • Baby Dolls that's great for a two year old, ideally soft dolls with no chocking hazards. Here's one at Walmart for less than $21.

  • Training wheel Bikes for boy or girls. Here's one at Walmart for a girl and here's one for a boy; Both less than $150.00

  • Little Tikes Trampoline, this will be a top item. We currently have this and I think every parent should have one in their home. Your kids will enjoy it and you'll enjoy how tired they'll be after they go for a jump or two. You can purchase it for less than $50 and multiple kids can enjoy it.

  • Kids kitchen play sets are always a wonderful gift. Again, it's great for more than one kid and both genders. You can purchase them for less than $115.00, this brand specifically, is gender neutral and has a lot more items included with the purchase.

  • Who doesn't like Mega Blocks? They're good for any gender and age, my children enjoyed them from 6 months to now (which they are 2 and 3 years old). You could never go wrong with Mega blocks and they are so affordable. You can catch them on sale often or regular price of $25.00

  • Lastly for toddlers, my three year old love cars and trucks. He currently has everything Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheel Ultimate Garage set was a hit for his birthday. I'm sure your little one will enjoy it on Christmas Day! This one is a little on the pricey side but it's a hot gift. You can grab the garage for $100 here at Walmart.

Teenager Gift Ideas

Here's a list of some items your pre-teen or teenager will enjoy:

  • Starbucks Gift Cards are always a win for any teenager.

  • Beauty or Skin Care Gift cards, especially for our teenage daughters. But let's not forget about our young men, they have acne and dry skin too, or even like to smell good. My daughter has a business- Melanin Marie Beauty, and she sells lip glosses and body butters. Her products are good for anyone of any race, color, gender, etc. You can shop less than $20 on her site.

  • Tennis Shoes, especially Air Jordan 1, these shoes are IT. However, the price is not it lol. You can spend anywhere between $200-$400 for these shoes. But your teen boy or girl will LOVE YOU more.

  • Records for their record player. If your child doesn't have a record player, you should definitely get them one. You can purchase records for a low price of $20 at Target.

  • String LED Lights are still in. Surprisingly, my daughter asked for these again. You can find these at an affordable rate under $30.

Mom/ Wife Gift Ideas

Here's some items that you or your spouse will love as gifts:

  • Wine Tasting will be a great gift for a mom or wife. You can do this as a date or make it a girls trip for your significant other, even a couples date. You can search local wine tastings on Google in your area. Wine tastings range between $20-$50 per person.

  • Crocs are a hot thing. As a mom, I found myself wearing my daughters crocs all the time. To the point I said I wanted some for myself. Crocs are affordable if you catch them on sale. Crocs range between $50-$70, you can buy them directly from the croc store and online here.

  • Diamond earrings are a girls best friend. We can always use new earrings. You can find earrings between $200 and up.

  • Pandora charms and bracelets are always a hit. For any woman, we'll definitely enjoy them. Pandora charms and bracelets are very affordable, ANDDDD they always have a sale or you can go to a Pandora outlet and get great prices too. Outlet prices sometimes be as low as $9.99 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

  • Who doesn't workout? Walking is considered working out and getting a treadmill or a workout bike would be the perfect gift. Especially since we're still in a pandemic and most of us are still sitting at home. Treadmills and workout bikes can cost between $1,000.00-$2,500.00 depending on the brand and style.

  • Ending the night in peace and quiet is a moms/wife dream. Getting the bamboo style bathtub caddy will assist any mom or wife in relaxing. With this Bamboo style bath caddy you can light your candle, enjoy a glass of wine, watch your favorite show on any tablet. The bamboo bathtub tray caddy cost between $25-$50.

Dad/Husband Gift Ideas

Here's some items that every dad/husband would enjoy this holiday season:

  • Tickets to a season game (Basketball or Football) whichever is their favorite sport could work too. My husband enjoys both sports, so finding a game where his favorite teams are playing against one another is a guys dream come true. This could be a home game or a game at the Staples Center 🤗 NBA and NFL tickets can cost anywhere between $100-$1,000.00 it all depends on where you want to sit.

  • Drive Exotic cars for the adrenaline rush. I actually gifted this to my husband when we were out of state for our anniversary. He had the most fun, you can definitely join in on the ride. I sat this one out as I was too scared because the cars were going fast fast. You can find a Groupon for these and you can choose the location of your choice. I purchased the Groupon for Xtreme Experience for $50.00. The cost depends on the style of car you want to drive. My husband drove the Audi, unsure which model it was.

  • Which man doesn't like their car clean? Mines keep his car washed weekly! Gifting a car wash membership will be a great gift. The memberships can range between $19.99-$30.00/month. It depends on the car wash provider you decide to use.

  • Shoe store gift cards are great for the dads that loves tennis shoes or the latest kicks. You can purchase a Footlocker, Champs, Finish Line, or Nike gift card. The Nike gift card you can use at any Nike Factory Outlet (You can get some great deals there).

  • A workout belt was requested this year. Each year I get my husband something to do with working out, as he's on his weight lost journey. Workout Belts range between $35.00-$75.00 depending on the style.

  • Knowing husbands work hard too and being a provider for a family is work, scheduling them a massage should ease their stress. We don't know everything they deal with at work or at home, so this should ease their minds. You can possibly give them a membership for a year. A single Massages can range between $65-130.00.

Grandparents Gift Ideas

Grandparents does so much for our families, they deserve the world. Here's a list of items you can gift grandparents:

  • Handmade/Home made Money gifts such as money bouquet or a picture frame of money. I do the later option for my mom on Mother's Day and Birthdays. She now has a wall of money lol.

  • Picture/Photo Blankets are very popular and affordable. These are great gifts as they have memories on them. You can create a photo blanket at Shutterfly for $60.00, they typically have sales and coupons to reduce the price.

  • Every grandma loves a Pandora bracelet and charm. Each year you can gift them the holiday charm or a charm to reflect family. Charms cost between $30-$90.00. As mentioned earlier, you can always shop at the Pandora outlet for great sale.

  • Body Butters are a favorite for grandparents. They like to have smooth skin and use natural products. All grandparents carry some type of lotion, body butters, Vaseline in their bags or purses. As always, you can shop at my daughters store to look at her Body Butters. I was told by my granny that's 87 years old, the vanilla body butter is "so soft and smell so good". Body butters can cost between $10-20.00

There you have it, Christmas ideas for the entire family! If you like my ideas and used any of them, please let me know below or on instagram @itsjessolivia

Happy Holidays



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