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How To Handle The Virus.. Coronavirus.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Man.... wow! How did our lives change in a matter of weeks? I remember clear as day..., I was on maternity leave and I was telling myself how I have to go back to work in two weeks. Dreading it of course! I was watching Jimmy Fallon and he played a clip of y’all President stating (paraphrased) “it’s just a virus, it'll go away and no one has to be worried”. Two weeks rolled around and I returned to work. By day three of being at work, I'm attending meetings to figure out a 'Work from home plan’ for this pandemic. After 4 PM it happens, schools are shut down due to the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire. As of today, our city is shutting down restaurants, coffee shops, and jobs. The reason for the shut down is to control the spread of the virus. So many people are catching it per day! While most are not happy with this decision, it’s easier to control it, then to continue operating as normal and having so many people hospitalized or passing it to others every day. So trying to tackle it as a lockdown is actually smart, we’re just not ready for it.

You know what's crazy; I was speaking to my everyday crew (husband, kids, parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends), telling and asking them how it was so sudden and are we prepared for this shutdown. Of course, some of us are and some are not, so how do we actually prepare for this type of emergency?! I'm going to share how my family and I prepared for this and exactly how long we should prepare for it. Also, if you are at home, how you can use this time being away from work.

First, we checked our home for essential items. Essential items will include things like:

*Toothpaste *Toilet Tissue *Paper Towel/Napkins *Soap *Bread *Diapers *Milk *Water *Peanut Butter *Eggs *Meat *Wipes Heres to adulting on 100 lol!

Reviewing the list above gives you an idea of what to purchase. So our household purchased all of those things except tissue and paper towel. (We already had those items at home stocked up). I'm glad we’re not like most and needed those items, cause shoppers cleared the shelves of those items. The one item I’m very "salty" about that I didn’t expect to sellout is baby wipes. So we have to play the game of contacting SAMs club and other local stores in our area to see who stocked up on wipes.

I’m big mad because I actually have a baby, who needs wipes. Who out here clearing shelves like a mad woman?! I guess other mommas lol.

Another item that sold out was meat. I swear I didn’t expect that to be sold out, truth be told! I don’t know if it’s because it’s Tax Season and everyone who’s blessed to get a refund, got their refund and used it on that essential. But geez, they could’ve saved something for the next shopper.

Nevertheless, the list mentioned above are the things you’ll definitely need. Now for how long?! As I watch the news, they’re actually starting you don’t need to go crazy. Having enough food for a week is good (but me saying a month is good). I’m scared they’re close grocery stores, but they’re not going too. Also, having enough household goods for two weeks will be good. Having a 2-ply role of tissue 14 roles will last a family of 4 two weeks. (I hope that helps you out.)

Next, what to do during this time if your off work. First, continue practicing correct handwashing, and if you have a cough, practice coughing in a bent elbow. Second, I had to reflect, even though I’m working from home and being with my kids, I’m using this time to get things together at home. The first place we started was in the kitchen and organized everything. Second, if you’re like me and have a blog or becoming an influencer, you can definitely work on content. One plan for me is to take pictures, write blog/social posts and have them scheduled to post on their own. This way I’ll gain more time with my family versus squeezing in time trying to posts.

Another thing you can do is start working out at home. Like me, I started to jump rope.

Also, if you always wanted to spend more time with God, you can do that. You can also start Spring cleaning sooner.

There’s so much you can do, during this time. If you’re upset that your kiddos are out of school and you’re not working, I challenge you to take on one of those tasks that you would’ve done later on, and complete it now. Trust me, you’re going to appreciate this time off.

If you have off, I want to hear from you. What are you doing during this COVID19 closures?



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